Workshop @ Geneva Annual Blockchain Congress 2019: Introduction to Ethereum smart contract development and security

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2019/01/21 @ Geneva Annual Blockchain Congress 2019

Ethereum is one of the top5 cryptocurrency on the market cap and the major public smart contract platform. This position is due partially to the possibility to create decentralized applications (Dapps) by writing smart contracts. The Solidity source code can contains flaws (reentrancy, integer overflow/underflow, bad randomness, backdoor, …) and it’s important to keep security in mind when developing smart contracts.

After this workshop delivered by Quoscient, attendees will be able to create simple Ethereum smart contract, upload and interact with them on the blockchain.
We will also discuss about major security flaws/vulnerabilities that have occurred on the Ethereum main-net and how to prevent them from a developer point of view.

The following points will be covered in the workshop:

  1. Introduction of Ethereum
  2. Smart contracts development
  3. Vulnerabilities inside smart contracts
  4. Going deeper & Questions