Blogpost: Ethereum Threat Actors Part 1 — DotNet Downloader using Ethereum Transactions for C&C updates.

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2019/02/04 @ QuoScient Medium

As part of our research into how cybercrime actors using the Ethereum blockchain for fraudulent means, we analyzed a DotNet downloader that retrieves the malicious payload from URLs stored inside Ethereum transactions. We analyzed the sample provided by a German Security Researcher, Karsten Hahn @struppigel in this tweet.

  1. Downloader analysis
  2. Main Function
  3. GetLastTransactionHashFromAddress function
  4. GetAdditionalDataFromTransaction function
  5. Transaction analysis
  6. C&C Update Pricing
  7. Blockcypher service
  8. Future of Ethereum botnet
  9. Conclusion
  10. Indicators of Compromise

link / pdf