Blogpost: Ethereum Threat Actors Part 3 — Phishings/Scams using Smart Contracts

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2019/04/03 @ QuoScient Medium

In part three of our mini-series (see part #1 & part #2) describing how cybercrime actors are using the Ethereum blockchain for fraudulent means, we analyze a phishing tactic that used a smart contract address. Interestingly, this smart contract is not unique and the exact same closed-source bytecode is used in more than 130 thousand smart contracts.

  1. Phishing on Forums/Telegram.
  2. Quick analysis of the Smart contract Bytecode
  3. Who is behind 0xAf1931c20ee0c11BEA17A41BfBbAd299B2763bc0?
  4. Similar Luno user wallets Used for Phishing
  5. Conclusion
  6. Indicator of Compromise

link / pdf